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The violator is then given an opportunity to respond, defend the content in question and contest the size of the fine.Origin Late 16th century (as a verb in the sense swear to, attest from Latin contestari call upon to witness, initiate (by calling witnesses from con- together testare to witness.

But we had a clear understanding between ourselves that there was a distinction between the political contest and the personal friendship.It is celebrated on the last weekend in July, and includes a mass and picnic, music, dancing, and sports contests.If one accepts the choice of national interest.

My own answers to those other questions can certainly be contested.Altruism, there is no contest as to which will triumph.The programme includes exhibitions, concerts, films and visiting guests, round tables, workshops, contests and many other events.

Englishto enter a contest.The first mission idea contest, with participants from 24 countries, had been concluded in March 2011, and a second such contest was planned for 2012.

The senior A and B race, which is of classic status this year will be hotly contested as it is used as a selection race for early season Irish international teams.Let them take to active campaigning now, contest the elections next time, and later perhaps, even become Ministers.