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A BIG thank you to all the staff at the @GF_Theatre we had an amazing time this weekend and can't wait to come back in 2018!For what I paid for 6 of us, I would have paid for an individual seat in Vegas.The amazing creatures we see on stage are not simply part of an act but are integral to Greg's life.

Once again thanks very much for a great evening of entertainment.As Seen On, book Your Seats Now!CalebsMom, Trip Advisor, all in all, this show was great.

At almost 65, I had never seen a live magic show and loved every minute.Small venue with great plays, top notch actors and actresses, good sound, comfortable seats and reasonable prices.Had great seats which were reasonably priced for the amazing show you get.

A special thanks to our book sponsors: Regal Entertainment Group, Clayton Foundation, Robin Easter Design and Lithographics and Visit Knoxville. .The show was amazing, the VIP tour was increadible.

The magic show, however, is only part of a much larger picture.Greg Frewin Theatre, watch wild magic, from a Touch of Magic to the Touch of a Tiger!